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Fire grilled onion and ginger are just a few of the ingredients found in pho. The grilled onion adds color and blends well with the sweetness of the ginger.
VV FOODS currently provide the following products:

Beef Soup Base -- The traditional authentic taste of beef pho.
Chicken Soup Base --The traditional authentic taste of chicken pho.
• Beef Soup Base Spice Packet -- 7 exotic ingredients.
• Chicken Soup Base Spice Packet -- 7 exotic ingredients.
• Spicy Hot Beef Noodle Soup Base -- The traditional spicy flavor of Bun Bo Hue.
Vegetarian Soup Base -- The great taste of food without the beef base.
Tom Yum Soup Base -- A delicious seafood soup base.

   These products can be used to make Chicken Pho, Beef Pho, or other soup dishes.