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The real origins of pho is an enigma, but most would agree pho's invention about the begginning of the 20th century.

Pho has been a staple of Vietnamese quisine about a hundred years. The traditional way to prepare this dish called for hours of preparation and usually took longer than cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. The reason is simple, the broth was always prepared fresh with either beef or chicken and cooked slowly, sometimes for as long as twelve hours. This ensured the flavor of the broth was naturally sweetened by a slow simmer. The next process called for a packet of seven herbs and spices to be placed inside the simmering broth which would eventually give "pho" its exotic taste.

VVFoods is a family owned business that started out with a father, Vinh Vu, who made Pho on almost a weekly bases. This family recipe has been refined and passed down with all the flavor that Vinh Vu put into his pho so many years ago.